Farm Fresh To You Makes It Easy for Your Family to Eat Healthy

Farm Fresh To You - Box

The Farm Fresh To You box was jam packed with fresh produce!

I received this product as part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Farm Fresh To You, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #farmfreshtotable

My family goes through a lot of produce and sometimes it can be exhausting when, among everything else on our to-do list, my wife and I have to figure out how to squeeze fruits and veggies into our family’s weekly menu. What I really liked about being able to use Farm Fresh To You, was that they picked out the contents of our box and it made meal planning much easier! While we were able to customize the contents of our box (more on this below), we were able to try new items that we don’t normally see in our usual grocery stores.

Farm Fresh To You is ridiculously convenient because they’re all about making your produce boxes personalized for you and your family. About a week before your scheduled delivery date (which you can customize based upon your schedule, vacations, etc.), the folks at Farm Fresh To You will email you, telling you what will arrive. You can log into their website and make any changes you want. For example, I knew my wife and I would want fruit for our morning smoothies and we were wanting more veggies for roasting for a meal that week. I was able to add strawberries and increase the number of white peaches in the box, as well as increase the number of potatoes and rainbow carrots.

They have a wide variety of box varieties and sizes. Only want fruit? You can choose to only receive fruits in your shipments. Are you big on juicing? They have shipments which focus solely on produce that are well suited for juicing.

Farm Fresh To You - Perfect Imperfection

The thing I like about fresh-from-the-ground produce is that you get to see all of those perfect imperfections.

Anyone with kids knows how it can be tricky to get your kids to eat foods that are different than what they’re used to, but my wife and I were very surprised by our kids’ reaction! Our youngest is a typical 5 year old who pretty much refuses to eat anything that looks different or questionable, so when I knew that we were receiving a bunch of rainbow carrots, I wasn’t entirely sure how our daughter would react to them being put in front of her. She loves the regular orange carrots, but we usually buy them already washed, cleaned, and trimmed from the store.

Farm Fresh To You - Thing 3 enjoying a purple carrot

Our youngest, enjoying a purple carrot and the bi-color corn that arrived in our box.

The carrots from Farm Fresh To You arrived freshly picked – They still had dirt on them and they had the green stocks still attached. We pulled them out of the box and our daughter immediately took a liking to the purple carrots, as it’s one of her favorite colors. She was so excited to eat one that we were barely able to wash the dirt off before she went to town on it.

As I mentioned before, Farm Fresh To You is very flexible with their delivery options. If you know you’re going to be out of town when your shipment would normally arrive, you can pause or suspend your service, or you can schedule your shipments anywhere from once a week to once a month. The day our box was delivered, it was on our doorstep bright and early before we even left for work and school that morning. It was so awesome to have a big box of fresh fruits and veggies delivered so early in the morning. I was even able to snag one of the peaches to bring to work with me for a morning snack.

So what are some of the ways we used the fresh fruits and veggies that we were sent? We used the fruits (White peaches, grapes, strawberries, and Valencia oranges) mostly in our morning smoothies, while some (the grapes and mini seedless watermelon) were taken for lunches or eaten for snacks.

Farm Fresh To You - Fruit smoothie

The strawberries and peaches were great for smoothies on the hot summer days.

The rainbow carrots were roasted when we made a roast chicken, while the Yellow Finn potatoes were used to make mashed potatoes. The bi-color corn (SO juicy and delicious!) was eaten when we had veggie burgers. We found ways to use everything that was delivered, even things that we wouldn’t normally have tried, such as the red kale, simply because it showed up and we didn’t want to waste it.

Farm Fresh To You - Dinner with Fresh Veggies

The rainbow carrots were perfect for roasting and the mashed Yellow Finn potatoes turned out really well.

If you happen to receive some items that you’re not sure what to do with, every Farm Fresh To You box comes with a “From The Fields” newsletter, which tells you about the local farm(s) your items were grown at, links to recipes, information on how to use some likely unfamiliar items (“What exactly IS a pluot?!”).

Interested in giving Farm Fresh To You a try? Click here to see if they deliver to your area and when you sign up, you can save on your first box by using promo code DANI2572.

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