My Depression and Anxiety Story

Daniel De Guia

I'm a dad, amateur fitness junkie, 3-time end of the world survivor, geek, writer, and gamer from Santa Rosa, California. The posts on this blog will chronicle my personal fitness journey, which I hope will motivate other fathers to take charge of their own health and fitness.

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  1. Mike Heenan says:

    THanks for writing this down. I needed to pick it up and read it.

  2. Dock says:

    Thanks for this. Outlines a lot my own struggles too. Be well Dan.

  3. Nicollette says:

    Dan, thank you for this post. It’s powerful, and you’re courageous. “More often than not, men are left to cope with mental illness in silence with very little sense of hope or support.” This is the truth. Let’s change this. There is no shame in seeking professional help.

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