Why the Remington #BeardBoss Has Become Part of My Daily Routine

For several years, I went for the stubble beard look and discovered there weren’t a lot of high-quality trimmers out there, to cleanly provide the stubble length without the blades cutting up my neck. Last year, I took the plunge and decided to grow a full on beard and found different – although equally frustrating – issues with trimmers. After growing tired of my current facial hair trimmer, I discovered the Beard Boss Perfecter Stubble and Detail Kit from Remington, which is available at Walmart and on Walmart.com, and figured, “Ah, what the hell. It can’t hurt to try another trimmer.”

Holy moly, am I glad I gave the Beard Boss a try. Aside from having a fun name because let’s face it (HA! see what I did there? “Face it”?), any man who grows a beard wants to be associated with the phrase “Beard boss,” I was genuinely impressed with the trimmer. Specifically, three things impressed me the most:

Beard Boss - Photo 1 - #RemBeardBoss

It’s So Quiet!

My days are incredibly busy. My typical day starts around 5am and ends around 11:30pm. After squeezing in a morning of wrangling children for school, working all day, family time, house work / errands, exercising, and some down time, I need a beard trimmer that allows me to get my trim in whenever I can.

For example, a few nights ago around 10:45pm, I realized I needed to tidy up my beard for the following day’s work meetings. The Beard Boss is so quiet that I was able to trim my beard with the bathroom door open while my family slept, without waking anybody up.

My old trimmer was incredibly loud and there’s no way I would have been able to trim my beard so late at night without disrupting anyone’s sleep.

Beard Boss - Photo 2 - #RemBeardBoss

Cuts Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

My facial hair is pretty coarse and kinky. Run-of-the-mill trimmers almost always have issues with the blades swiftly and easily moving through my hair to cut it, without my hairs getting stuck in the blades and being pulled. With the Beard Boss from Remington, I didn’t have that problem. The premium T-Blade provides ultra close trimming and pinpoint precision and control for crisp, clean edges. When it came time to trim the underside of my beard, the Turbo Mode – Power boost was perfect for cutting through my thick beard, where ordinary trimmers tried to yank the hair out of my face.

Beard Boss - Photo 3 - #RemBeardBoss

Easy to Use

The Beard Boss is lightweight enough to maneuver around my face with one hand – even my non dominant left hand – and cut as much as I needed with ease. The trimmer combs are durable and made of metal, as opposed to plastic ones of other trimmers, and they snap on easily to make quick work of creating whatever custom look you’re going for. Need to up the power setting? No problemo! The handle is designed to be accessible entirely with one hand.

I was skeptical about the Beard Boss because of my previous disappointments with trimmers, but Remington really delivers a high-quality, sturdy, and efficient beard trimmer! It has even earned the coveted spot on my small wedge of the bathroom counter, instead of being stored in the cabinet under the sink, where the bad trimmers go.

Disclosure: This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® & Remington but all my opinions are my own (seriously, this is a great trimmer!). #weavemade #RemBeardBoss http://my-disclosur.es/RgFrEH

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