Back in Business

I realized yesterday that it was officially one year since my last post on this site. Man this past year has flown by!

Unintentionally, I took a year-long break from blogging and a lot took place during that span of time: A wildfire that decimated huge chunks of the city I’ve lived in most of my life (My family and I were, thankfully, safe, as was our home), I finished studying for my personal trainer certification exam, I passed said exam on the first try, I studied for and passed my exam to receive my Youth Fitness Specialization, along with a whole mess of curveballs in my personal life, not the least of which was being laid off from my job of five years with zero notice. Steadily mixed into all of this was seeing our oldest finish her senior year in high school and transition from a high schooler to a newly minted college student who is also learning to drive.

Before I knew it, an entire year whizzed by me with no new content posted to this blog.

So this post is really about getting myself back into the mindset and routine of regularly writing again, but also to assure those of you who still check in on this blog every now and again, that it’s not dead and forgotten.

For those of you who may not have known, you can also follow me on social media. Social media is where I post more frequent, bite-sized content. This blog is for longer form, more in-depth content.

With all of that being said, it’s good to be back and I appreciate you sticking with me during this period of radio silence!

Photo credit: Alex Holyoake via Unsplash.

Daniel De Guia

I'm a dad, Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Specialist, 3-time end of the world survivor, geek, writer, and gamer from Santa Rosa, California. The posts on this blog will chronicle my personal fitness journey, which I hope will motivate other fathers to take charge of their own health and fitness.

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