About Fit To Be Dad Who is this guy?

Daniel De Guia of Fit To Be DadHi there!

I’m Daniel, a 3-time end of the world survivor, father, geek, writer, and an ACE certified personal trainer (ACE-PT) from Santa Rosa, California. I made Fit To Be Dad with the goal of being a site that will provide tips, information, motivation, and encouragement to other fathers, who want to take charge of their health and wellness in order to be better, healthier, and happier dads.

I became a dad and husband when I was 18 years old and I’ve known all too well how easy it is to go from an active lifestyle to an unhealthy, sedentary one. Over the years I’ve tried many times to get my act together and get fit again. Though my own personal journey, I hope to motivate other dads (really, all parents) to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle to their children by leading by example.

While this blog was made primarily to talk about health and fitness, I am also a dad and so you will find a lot of family and parenting-related posts which may not actually have anything to do with fitness. I’m a brand ambassador for FitFluential and I’ve been fortunate enough to have become a contributing writer to The Good Men Project. I’ve also worked with brands such as Hasbro, NFL, MLB, Dove Men+Care, Lee Jeans, SmartyPants Vitamins, and Pampers, who all saw an increase in engagement with brand messaging from my posts.

What You Should Know

Always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine if you have any health concerns and diet intelligently.

This site is not intended to sell you on any one particular product or method. I will share things that have worked for me and the occasional product review – either sponsored or by my own choosing. I’m not into sneaky marketing or advertising so you won’t have to worry about being hoodwinked into signing up for something.

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