What Happened to Jacked-In-A-Box?

Daniel De Guia

I'm a dad, amateur fitness junkie, 3-time end of the world survivor, geek, writer, and gamer from Santa Rosa, California. The posts on this blog will chronicle my personal fitness journey, which I hope will motivate other fathers to take charge of their own health and fitness.

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  1. Vlad Kraven says:

    Hey, I hope this isn’t seen as spam, but I just wanted to throw my hat into the ring and say that I’m with a startup launching another alternative called SwoleSnacks — we send yummy high protein snacks instead of chemical supps. SwoleSnacks.com is site and we’ll be shipping our first boxes to arrive by March 1st. Would love for you to take a look!

  2. Jed Palisoc says:

    jacked pack is still going on but as of Feb they are changing the program (yet again) so no longer will they be shipping packages based on what you’ve previously seen…as of right now (literally a few mins ago) it’s just back to it’s original standard size that’s about $15/mo…the only thing that differs is a bi-yearly and yearly subscription….right now you also only really get to edit your flavors for pre-workouts and proteins…outside of that you just choose either or both “build muscle” or “lose fat”

    • Jed: Thanks for the heads up! I was still working through the last of my samples that I have accumulated from my old Jacked-In-A-Box subscription and was going to sign up for Jacked Pack. Their set up is very different now!

      How has your experience with Jacked Pack been so far?

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