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Dove Men+Care #RealStrength

Dove Men+Care and “First Fatherhood Moments”

Dove Men+Care debuted their new commercial this morning, just in time for Father’s Day. This commercial focuses on “First Fatherhood Moments” and features videos of men, the very moment they found out they were...

Airplane picture. Photo credit: danist soh.

Little Notes We Leave Behind

A number of years ago, I was going on a long weekend trip to visit a friend. Before I left for the trip, I hand wrote notes to my wife and kids and hid...

Laser tag with Barney Stinson

Laser Tag: Challenge Accepted

My son, Thing 2, turns 10 tomorrow – the big double digits. We’re throwing him a birthday party tonight, involving some friends coming over for a sleepover and we’re taking them all to a...