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Daily FitBit Summary for August 27, 2014

Total steps: 4267 Floors climbed: 3 Calories burned: 2736 Elevation gained: 30 feet Traveled: 1.96 miles Lightly active minutes: 164 Fairly active minutes: 115 Very active minutes: 6 August 27, 2014 via Fitbit

You are your child's favorite toy. Photo by Flickr user Clappstar

You Are Your Child’s Favorite Toy

Being a father and raising three amazing kids is, hands down, the most fun, perplexing, rewarding, and exhausting thing that I have ever done. My three children – 13-year-old Thing 1; 9-year-old Thing 2;...

The Rock

5 Life Lessons from The Rock

Laugh all you want, but Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson is one of those people that never ceases to motivate me. In between professional wrestling and his many hilarious roles where he pokes fun at...