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Would you live stream your vasectomy?

Would You Live Stream Your Vasectomy?

Today, November 7, 2014, is World Vasectomy Day and according to the Utah People’s Post, one doctor alone live streamed 28 vasectomy procedures today. The article also reports: Around 300 surgeons from 30 countries...

Shake Things Up!

When you’re settled into your workout routine, sometimes a simple reminder to mix things up can really make a difference! Good advice from my friend Steve LeBlanc, of Blue Male Fitness, who is also...

Promises Every Parent Should Make

If you read one post today, make this the post. Written as an open letter to his children and parents everywhere, a Christian pastor and father writes about his promises to his children, should...

Daily FitBit Summary for August 27, 2014

Total steps: 4267 Floors climbed: 3 Calories burned: 2736 Elevation gained: 30 feet Traveled: 1.96 miles Lightly active minutes: 164 Fairly active minutes: 115 Very active minutes: 6 August 27, 2014 via Fitbit